Our Mission

By providing photography, editing, audio/music production, and creative services, we prioritize producing creative content, managing publishing, and serving clients with diversified backgrounds and ambitious visions.

A Priori Media Group strives to believe in, inspire, and foster a better, brighter future through creative works.

Our philosophy is to prepare and execute as if we are pursuing scientific endeavor of the highest degree. In doing so, we hope to tell stories and adventures of the best quality in our work and with our clients.


Our team


Chris Fiegel

creative & executive director

Surrounded by the arts and sciences throughout his life, Chris seeks to create, produce, and connect high quality content that brings forth the vision of a better, brighter future. 

With experience in photography, filmmaking, editing, music, and other creative productions, Chris works diligently to ensure an atmosphere of growth, collaboration, and professionalism in producing high quality work in whatever project is set before him.


As the current sole member of A Priori Media Group LLC, Chris strives to expand his work with others locally, regionally, nationally, and beyond to both produce engaging content and exceed expectations when working with clients. 


  • Pennsylvania State University - Class of 2021

B.S. of Psychology

Certificate in Trauma Studies


CITI Certification for Human Subjects Research

Social & Behavioral Human Subjects Research (IRB)

Pennsylvania State University